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"Apollo's Quest for Illumination"
"Apollo's Quest for Illumination"
"Apollo's Quest for Illumination"
"Apollo's Quest for Illumination"

"Apollo's Quest for Illumination"

Pepe Delfin
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About the artwork:

The Interplanetary Dotty series is a collection of sci-fi inspired illustrations that tell a story of a dot’s journey through time and space. In Apollo’s Quest for Illumination, Dotty searches for answers for their own enlightenment. Dotty leaves the land of giants and finds themself being beckoned by an extraterrestrial ball of light. They heed the call and follow the radiant object only to find themself being led back home. The weary must rest and a new adventure can wait.

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Product details:

  • Print Material: Woven gallery-quality canvas
  • Print Ink: HP Latex Inks - fade resistant, water-based and solvent free (no harsh chemicals)
  • Frame: The canvas is stretched on a 1.25" thick, beveled wooden frame
  • Ready to hang: The artwork comes with pre-mounted sawtooth hooks for ease of hanging

About Pepe Delfin:

Pepe Delfin is a visual storyteller who loves exploring imagined worlds that people possibly live in when nobody’s looking. She is fascinated by solitude, loneliness, and the abundance of insignificance that surrounds human existence -- all of which are often portrayed through a multitude of expressions and by their multiple and occasionally ambiguous definitions in her works.

Her use of abstract forms such as geometric shapes, squiggles, & lines and the thoughtful placement of each element in her visual stories furthers her belief that everything and everyone would make more sense if examined in the context of those that surround them.

She believes that she is everyone she’s ever met, ever hated, ever loved, and that the world is mostly made up of deliberately shaped shapes and perfectly imperfect lines.