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During this turbulent time, 100% of our profits will be redirected to Faceshield Drive Plus, an initiative supplying PPE's to hospitals in need. #ArtForTheFrontline


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Product Information

What are the artworks printed on?

    Artworks are printed on 300gsm woven art canvas, with a glossy, stain-resistant protective coating. They are printed with our large-format, eco-solvent printers that produce accurate colors, and are also ecologically safe! Unlike normal solvent ink printers, our ink does not use any harmful ingredients and is even biodegradable.


    What does my artwork come with?

    Your artwork comes with:

    • Certificate of Authenticity (numbered)
    • Pre-framed on a 1.25" thick wooden frame
    How do I mount my artwork when it's pre-stretched on a wooden frame?
    We suggest using either a D-ring or a Sawtooth hook to mount your artwork. These are easy to find and readily available in most hardware stores. 

    How is my artwork packaged?

    For stretched canvas orders, your artwork will be packed carefully with fillers (to prevent piercing/damage of the stretched canvas), bubble wrap, and an attached enveloped with the certificate of authenticity.


    Artwork Information

    Why do the number of pieces differ per artwork?

      While all our artworks are limited, some artists prefer to have less prints per artwork than others. To accommodate all preferences, we give our artists options but, to ensure that each printed piece is special, we only print a maximum of 75 pieces per design, including all the different sizes. 

      Why do the prices differ per artwork?

      We work with a mix of established and up and coming artists who also have varying levels of detail in their works. Artists are free to choose from a range of pricing tiers, based on their personal preference.


      Are the artworks signed by the artists?

        Our artworks are printed with the artist’s digital signature. Some of our artists come from different islands in the Philippines, so obtaining their physical signature would add to the logistics cost. When the artwork is shipped in our tube, we also include an official certificate of authenticity which indicates the artwork’s serial number.



        Commissions and Partnerships

        How much do the artists get paid?

        Our number one priority is always the artist. 60% of all profits go directly to them.


         Can I sell my work on Artdrop?

          We are always on the lookout for new artists! If you want to become an Artdrop Artist, please send your portfolio to kara@artdrop.shop. Submissions are not guaranteed for production, but we will definitely take a look and get in touch!


          Shipping and Payment Methods

          What are your accepted payment methods?

          We currently accept international credit card payments as well as local bank transfers. 


          Do you ship internationally?

            We are on our soft-launch for international shipping, so please expect minor delays. As of the moment, some international logistics routes are disrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


            How long will it take for my order to arrive?

              Your artwork is assembled, packed, and shipped 1-2 business days after order placement. Shipping can then take anywhere from 3 - 15 days, depending on your country of residence. 


              What if something I ordered was lost/damaged in transit?

                To avoid this, we only work with the best logistics providers in the market. Although these cases are very rare, they are also sometimes unavoidable. In case your print is lost or damaged in transit, the authenticity of the artwork will be voided in our database, and we will do a one-time reproduction of the artwork, with full permission from our artists. These will then be sent to you, at no additional charge. 

                If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us.