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Lea Valenzuela
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About the artwork:

Does it also ever occur to you when you stare at something long enough it starts to move and take different shapes? This artwork takes inspiration in Pareidolia, the tendency of the human mind to perceive real world images in random situations.

See more of Lea's work here.

Product details:

  • Print Material: Woven gallery-quality canvas
  • Print Ink: HP Latex Inks - fade resistant, water-based and solvent free (no harsh chemicals)
  • Frame: The canvas is stretched on a 1.25" thick, beveled wooden frame
  • Ready to hang: The artwork comes with pre-mounted sawtooth hooks for ease of hanging

About Lea Valenzuela:

While Lea Valenzuela is a photographer and an art director by profession, she finds motivation and balance by expressing herself through visual collage pieces. She started creating her series of quarantine collage art as a way to cope through the pandemic; joining the movement of artists in creating #beautifulhonestthings. 

Much of her work is inspired by her adventures and the beauty of nature - composing and manipulating photos from her past travels and turning them into magical landscapes and worlds reimagined. She hopes these will inspire others to keep going, keep creating and keep looking forward to that day we can all bask in the glory of the great outdoors again.