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Daryl Feril
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About the artwork:

Typically, we are taught by society that you are either male or female with no consideration on the fact that everyone has both aspects, physically and spiritually. Masc/Fem is a piece about the idea that regardless of gender, we all possess and use both masculine and feminine energy. Once you begin to balance these two polarizing energies, you may discover a freedom within you that haven’t found before.


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Product details:

Print Material: 300gsm wooden art canvas with a glossy, stain-resistant protective coating. 

Print Ink: 100% biodegradable eco-solvent ink; ecologically safe and does not use any harmful ingredients.

Print Finish: Semi-glossy, stain-resistant protective coating.

Frame: We currently have two framing options:

  1. Canvas stretched on a 1.25" thick full wooden frame (highly recommended!)
  2. A two-piece magnetic poster strip frame that can easily be attached to any wall. 

Read more about both framing options here.

Tube: 100% upcycled from disposed packaging materials (stretched canvas orders do not come with a tube as these are bulky)